Hummer limo hire for birthday parties

Birthday Party Hummer Limo Hire

Birthdays are extremely special occasions especially when you are in your teens or younger. Making a birthday different from the last can sometimes prove to be time consuming and sometimes very exhausting. (Especially if you have demanding children!!!!). Sometimes parties can also seem to be repetitive year in and out. Having the same sort of scenario (e.g. cake, balloons, clown ,etc) can become boring.

Thinking of new ideas can be tricky too. The best way to organise children's parties is by delegating as much of the work to others as possible. This would include getting someone else to do the cooking for the occasion and may be even the driving.

More recently hiring a limousine for children's parties has become extremely popular. Solely on the basis that it is something different and the children find the whole experience highly enjoyable. There are many limousines that you can choose from. If you have very young children you could hire a fire engine limousine, most of the fire engines come equipped with a music system and most companies allow you to play your own music Cd's. This would ensure that the party is meeting your requirements. The Hummer and Lincoln Navigator is a popular choice amongst older children and teenagers. These are sometimes referred to as 'the jeep style vehicles'.

You may think that there are limited options if you do decide to hire a limousine but if you outline your requirements to the company before hand they will usually provide you with a good deal. Generally limousine companies tend to reduce their prices for children's parties as usually the are during off peak times.

Here are some scenarios that you may want to consider or choose from:

  • 1 Hours Hire: If you have young children it will be nice to have the limousine parked outside your house/venue for a short while to allow them to get used to the vehicle as it will be different to what they may have seen in the past. You may want to keep the car stationary in case you are worried about safety, however all limousine are installed with seat belts and most companies will insist on using them before moving off.
  • Single trip: This is also for one hours hire. Except the difference is that the children will be picked up from a location and driven around for the full hour. Most companies will provide balloons, soft drinks and sometimes even chocolates to make the journey enjoyable.
  • Return Trip: A return is mostly beneficial if the children are going to be dropped of somewhere e.g. cinema, bowling complex, go-carting etc. This compromises of the party being picked up form a location and driven around for an hour (please remember this hour will also be used to getting to the location so if the location is half an hour away they will only get another half hour in the car). They will then be dropped of to their location and left there to continue their party. Once they have finished the limousine will return to take them back home. Prices will vary depending on how many drops there will be on the return journey. Return trips are the most cost effective as the return trip price is normally reduced.

For more information about hiring a limousine for a children party please call our sales team on 0844 567 7719 or click here to get an online limo hire quote.